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World Wide Web

Features of World Wide Web

An article tells about the World Wide Web and informs about its main



It is impossible to imagine the modern life without the internet nowadays. Internet interfered into almost all spheres of life. Internet contains huge amount of information nowadays and, often, it is very difficult task to find necessary and vital information. The World Wide Web can help to make this search faster and easier.

The WWW is a special search tool that will help to find important information from the Web site with the help of various links to other documents and sites. The Hypertext technology was used to build the World Wide Web. Hypertext technology increases access to linked information that is in the Internet and helps to find necessary documents easily.

When user accesses the document by the link, appeared the connection with the web server where the document is stored. When the document is withdrawn the connection disappears. There is no reason to keep in the link when it is viewed. That’s why the World Wide Web is effective. To know more, go to http://casinogames-club.com/.


Major Features of the World Wide Web

Gives access to information

World Wide Web gives access to different information on various sites. It helps to search necessary sources. Such interface is known as browser.

Helps to share information

The World Wide Web helps to share services and information. People can use the World Wide Web on Windows, DOS, Unix, Macintosh, Apple and many other operating systems.

Supports services

The World Wide Web feature is that it supports such services as FTP, HTTP and Gopher.

HTTP protocol

The World Wide Web , like the internet, has a protocol that is known as HTTP. It works like interface between Software of the Web client.